Lil Mouse - Interview 2.5
uploaded on 12/11/2012 6:40:35 pm

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shancex1 year ago

That cameraman needa fuck around and get he videotaping wearing an eye patch wtf

Relic1 year ago

Lil' Mouse stuntin'... just cause lil dude don't pull the trigger don't mean he don't gotta dodge that shit on the regular tho. It's about family... mane. Fuck around and get smoked!

xElChapo1 year ago in reply to datziggidy (show comment)

stfu why still on his dick smh no 1 fucks with u datziggidy. you were on livemitapes hating. ppl like you make me sick. go kill yo self. this lil nigga must of fucked you're mom for u 2 be hating like this

datziggidy1 year ago

did u know there are bitches and fags and snitches and dope heads and child molester in the hood,so jus cuz u from da hood dont mean u a g,hell u can live n da hood and not sell one piece of dope,pull one trigger or do shit,but u would still be from da hood,dose dat make u a g,hell no,and lil kids rappin is funny as hell,where the parents letiin gther kid cuss jus to get a record deal,u know cps gona get involed,put that kid n foster care