UZ BallTrap Muzic Vol. 1 Studio Session
uploaded on 03/04/2013 2:51:45 pm

The mysterious UZ surfaced in 2012 with his amazing Trap Shit series. Immediately gaining attention and praise from tastemakers and top record labels, he dropped records on Mad Decent, OWSLA, BNR, Mau5trap, and SMOG, all within months of his first releases.

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JavTheRipper1 year ago in reply to TMANN4771 (show comment)

It already has. Like a week or two ago

TMANN47711 year ago

when does there mixtape drop?

Kapo_Mane1 year ago

hahaha, funny shit

laguijo1 year ago

Sa sé du studio !!

proov1 year ago

Hey!! What is the name of the 1st track we heard at 00:25 ? this so dope!!

tillamonsta1 year ago

VVV definitely not UZ

Substant1 year ago

Everybody check out 3:21 lol I'm pretty sure they forgot to blur out somebody's face there.

KADEJAHH1 year ago in reply to IamDJDA (show comment)


IamDJDA1 year ago

Can't wait for dis one.. 3 hours left!