Araab Muzik - The Prince Is Coming
uploaded on 03/12/2013 11:00:00 am

Araab Muzik's first official Music Video
"The Prince Is Coming" from his critically acclaimed project "For Professional Use Only"

LiveMixtapes and LRG present Araabmuzik's first official music video "The Prince is Coming," a short film and freestyle performance starring Araabmuzik. Directed by LiveMixtape's own, @Tillamonsta (creator of Certified Trap series, 1/2 The KickDrums), the storyline spans three different time periods, past, present, and future and follows the mysterious entity known as "8" who transcends them all. During a live performance, Araab zones out and finds himself in the middle of an epic battle between good and evil, which only the music can free him. Pick up the mixtape "For Professional Use Only," and make sure to follow @Araabmuzik as he continues to tour across the world in preparation for his album set to drop later this year.


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kokocalypso1 year ago

omg this is sick! he did that!!!! Twitter: @glamoureyezkc Instagram: @koko_calypso

IamDJDA1 year ago


Mrs0fficer1 year ago


mattzeidner1 year ago

amazing talent. great video. cool take on the history of percussion swapping out the drum for the MPC. the MPC, after all, is the culmination of percussion.

Raiford1 year ago

Don't confuse a culture with a gimmick made up by consumers.

HammerBeanzTV1 year ago

Check Out Me & Araab in the studio Here :

tillamonsta1 year ago

any illuminati-style imagery is meant to represent evil in this video. Read between the lines and you'll find a deeper positive message about freeing yourself creatively. I assure you Araab has no interest in anything illuminati related, he's a talented musician, producer, and live performer.

I know damn well I'm not the only one that sees this illuminati symbolism all through this music video. This beat is dope and im down with that nigga araab muzik, but i really hope he hasn't sold out like these other mainstream niggas. peace.

SamTheSecond1 year ago

link for download plz