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trojanarmy 5 years ago

dis shit right here...

trojanarmy 5 years ago

Jace HAF u trippin

Future - Radical
by TrillHD
Uploaded 5 years ago
trojanarmy 5 years ago

Fuck up your attitudes
Fuck all the gratitude
All my bitches magical
All this shit magical
All this shit radical

Trill Ship Ep. 9
Uploaded 6 years ago

your perspective all out of whack. only sick fucks would think like this. you must have personal issues with this and should look into getting help. I thought the episodes I watched were positive and refreshing from the usual bullshit. keep em comin

trojanarmy 7 years ago

Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace...

trojanarmy 7 years ago

where's MJG dreadlocks???

trojanarmy 7 years ago

real trap shit...


welcomed: past participle, past tense of wel·come (Verb)