Azad Right - "Born To Win" (Prod. by ChromeBully)
uploaded on Dec 4, 2012
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1 -
After the break up shit, I had to go hop in the shower
I'm on the rebound like Wallace and Rodman and Howard
I called Felipe and told my brotha that it's on again
It's time for us to prove we was born to win

But I can't deal with this game anymore
2 days I haven't slept, I need to rest uh
I'm 4 months out from 24
25 thousand dollars in debt, I need a chuck uh

I have faith though, I'm gon' be a boss
My goal for next years to run the charts, I'ma
Beast, I wrap around these dudes like guaze
I'm hard with the flow let me pause, comma

Killin' every syllable, the pinnacle of lyrical
The shit I seen it's a miracle I'm spiritual
Rollin' your eyes man, I seen the way you look at me
Stupid mutha fucka, go and find a book to read

2 --
Is that your girl? God damn she got a butt homie
But you're Jerome Bettis, nah you never cut homie
Come back baby and chill in the lab with me
I like the way you're thinkin', you're a high class biddie

She said she like the fact that my flow can get mad witty
But I can still relate to the kids from the bad cities
So, come over here, let me check your frame out girl
You got some new titties, don't be lame now girl

She told me that she really need to clear her mind
So I said chill, let me fuck your brains out girl
She 5'5, I'ma sucka for them shorties
Uh, I let her blow my trumpet she was horny

And I told her bring a friend, let's get it jumpin' like an orgy
If she prude, kick her out, don't be fuckin' up my story
Let's end the night on a good note
Shit, I'ma good dude and you should know
That I wanna take you out for some bomb food
So make sure you respond when I call you, it's on you...

3 --
If I was you, I definitely wouldn't try me son
I dress different so these rappers think I'ma bum
But fortunately, most of them are like Olajuwon
Cause they used to be the center of attention

Now they never even gettin' mentioned in the sentence
Let alone the conversation, miss me with the confrontations
Look, I got an obligation to the people
Stay honest, cause miscommunication can be lethal

Pay homage, those that came before me made it possible
For me to have a chance, showin' hate would be illogical
But at the end of the day, I do this shit for me
Everybody question why I still spit for free

Cause I know I'll be alright in the long run
Azad Right, never wrong son
Ah, I'm just playin', shit I'm on one
So you gotta run my shit back when the song done
Cause I kill it, and they feel it
Yeah, it's time for me to dip out the buildin', holla


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