Tilla & Pesh - Certified Trap III
uploaded on Apr 16, 2013
It's hard to believe it's only been 7 months since we debuted the Certified Trap series! Before Baauer was touring with Just Blaze, before Asap Rocky was getting "Wild For the Night" with Skrillex, we were educating Waka Flocka and his 808 Mafia production team on Trapstyle, and introducing Flosstradamus to Mr. "DAMN SON" himself, Trap-A-Holics. By episode 2, we further bridged the gap, scoring Trap-A-Holics his first rave gig, and linking UZ and Redbull with up-and-comers Trinidad James, Problem, Trae Tha Truth, and Casey Veggies.

Get familiar with the movement!

Certified Trap: Episode 1 - http://www.trillhd.com/video/1020/certified-trap-episode-1

Certified Trap: Episode 2 - http://www.trillhd.com/video/2145/certified-trap-episode-2

In the third installment of Certified Trap, ClubTapes crosses overseas to Japan to witness the international influence of Trap music. After an interview with rising trapstars, Watapachi, we get a glimpse of Tokyo's night life as they link with Dirty South Joe and DJ Sliink. Traveling back to the heart of the Trap, Atlanta, we join some of EDM's biggest DJ's as well as 20,000 festival goers at Counterpoint Music festival, then link with Mayhem (of 'Bricksquad Anthem' fame) and introduce Hip Hop super-producer, KE On The Track to Trapstyle. Closing this episode out, we have exclusive live footage of one the Trap's most respected artists and producers (CERTIFIED TRIPPY!!!).

Certified Trap: Episode 3 - http://www.trillhd.com/video/2737/certified-trap-iii

We're working to bridge gaps between genres, thanks everyone for your support. Our movement grows with every release! Certified Trap 4 coming sooner than you think.


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For sure, all the music featured throughout the video is listed in the credits at 20:56

Brosafari & Knuckle Children - Freak

Hereoes X Villains - Flex

mixmastersniper 7 years ago

And that song Heroes x Villains played at that festival that was dope too.

mixmastersniper 7 years ago

Y0 whats that very very last track - after the Juciy J intro????

Watapachi - Out In The Streets (Booty Hunt Remix)

LAWLIFEN1 7 years ago

this is all heat i cqnt wait to work with the movement !!!!

ppiffykbcnf 7 years ago

This Official from PacxPiffy 808 Mafia Ceo featuring Waka Flocka feature Gucci Mane
^There embarrassing some @this12:00Am
SIGNED: Pacx Piffy 808 Mafia Ceo! Alive!

adizzy123 7 years ago

whats the song at 5:56??

RapInYo 7 years ago

where the soundtrack is?

imli47ed 7 years ago

WTF bruh,dis sum next level shit, yall niggas started some shit