Zach Farlow - How It Goes
uploaded on Apr 16, 2014
Official music video for "How It Goes" by Zach Farlow.

Dir. By: Vincent Lou

Prod. By: Ricky Racks

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shut yo fuck ass up you know this shit rides hatin ass

If your talking about me you can go to hell and I will get on what ever website I want and say what I want he better be glad I was nice because I could say a lot more! And I did say I give him credit!

trilltrapper 4 years ago

it's music bitch chill. this isn't a love song get tf outta here you on the wrong website this is Trillhd not Romeo hd if you really cared like you said you'd just appreciate what someone has done

jamak919 4 years ago

i fuxx with white boi tho.....tbh....he sounds better then Future, Rich Homie, and Durk.....real talk......

kattom1969 4 years ago

I give Zach credit for making his dreams real and I thank he has great talent but this song and video was not the best and I thank he degrades women to much and talks about his self to much we all know you had a hard life but you did have people who took care of you so it could have been worse. Keep it real and your self real and God will bless you but if you get off track with that he will take away!

antionne 4 years ago

white boi hollin

sweetpeach2 4 years ago

Fuck! I didn't mean to post that last comment, but anyway Zach is so fuckin' fine in this video despite the fact that the song sucks ass. I hate this shit. Was he on top of Lenox with that Range? And what the fuck is he talking about "that's just how it goes?" You came up from a basement and then end up on top of Lenox? TRASH!

sweetpeach2 4 years ago


JCUP75 4 years ago

You say this song is garbage but you know yo ass still downloaded this shit. Hatin ass. SMDH @icarlosv

icarlosv 4 years ago

This song is GARBAGE

bigls23 4 years ago

zach's music actually speaks 2 people

GucciManeBiyotch 4 years ago

Zach That Nigga Thoee!!