Trill Ship Ep. 8
uploaded on Jul 31, 2014
In Episode 8, DJ Skee invites the crew to stop by AXS TV headquarters to get a behind-the-camera look at the filming of his hit TV Show, "Skee Live". Afterwards, Ari and Alectra get to sit in the Host's chair and ask him some questions. Across town DJ Baby Chino links up with the "No Flex Zone" kids, Jimmi and Swae Lee of Rae Sremmurd! Stay tuned for more episodes!

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Lamora780 3 years ago

Grab kush strains????
Wokhardt n Hitech syrup????????????
N get the party ???? started

kell_rischelle 7 years ago

my favorite episode yet!

jtuck07 7 years ago


joeyfingaz 7 years ago

LOL, I think the person commenting below definitely has a strange perception of the show lol.
We dont make the rappers famous, we just interview them. Every artist and label that has participated has loved it and recognized it as being something extremely positive for the kids involved and for other kids who watch the show. All the kids are already fans of the music and the culture whether you like it or not. Not one episode contains anything promoting sex, drugs,or killing.
The interviews are all honest and G rated questions from the kids to the stars. The concept gives a funny and honest

datziggidy 7 years ago

what hood niga worry bout how another dude spell,oh sissy bitch boi

datziggidy 7 years ago

i bet you one of them that b jakin off to this kiddy shit,base god is a base head who gives head to kids,promoting sex drugs and killing is not trill yall fuk fags,

ohmybasedgod 7 years ago

@datziggidy youre jealous because their grammar is better than yours. Go listen to Lil Mouse.


datziggidy 7 years ago

yo,child molesters b loving this,yall make vids of kids and grown songs,wat eva for the money right

insanodaneo 7 years ago

Baby Chino killin it!

jaylynnebay 7 years ago

omg awesome!!!

joeyfingaz 7 years ago

the hosts are getting super good

Ballerchick31 7 years ago

yo , y'all killin it !!! im lovin this show!