The Trill Ship Club Goes #Bicketing For YG !
uploaded on Jan 7, 2015
The Trill Ship Club is back! This year we will be introducing talented new crew members and an all new format full of celebrities, comedy, skits, interviews, and plenty of surprises!
As we prepared for the new season, we realized all of the kids love YG. When he wasn't nominated for any Grammy Awards The Club wanted to find a way to get peoples attention and show their support. We decided to go "#Bicketing". On a Saturday afternoon we got the whole club together and made signs that showed how upset we were and went marching in front of the Grammy Museum. We spoke with everyone walking by and told them to support YG. We even tried to tell the people inside of The Grammy Museum but they kicked us out. Our parents weren't too happy with us, but we kept it trill! As we were filming the skit, YG himself tweeted about it after seeing a friend had posted a picture. The event immediately went viral. Every outlet from BET, MTV and XXL, to Fader and local news channels like WJZ News in Baltimore all covered the skit in less than 24 hours! There was some controversy due to our ages and YG's lyrics, but The Trill Ship Club isn't your average group of kids. See for yourself and stay tuned!

Twitter: @TrillShip
Instagram: @Trill_Ship

Directed & Produced By The Trill Ship Club

Edited By: Elefante Ent.
Additional footage provided by Jordan Tucker & Juan Alvarez


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